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New Mexico State University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Geography

Past Master of Applied Geography Residencies

  • Dialesandro John M. 2016. Using Spatial Data to Model Hydrological Runoff and Water Resources in the Western United States. Advisor: Dr. Carol Campbell.
  • Walker, J. Steven. 2015. Use of the DRASTIC Model to Evaluate Groundwater Pollution Sensitivity from On-Site Wastewater Systems in the Mesilla Basin. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Brown.
  • Roberts, Erin. 2014. Homestead Preservation Districts: Tax Increment Financing Study for the City of Austin, Texas. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Brown.
  • Biedron, Gregory. 2010. Advisor: Dr. Jack Wright.
  • Griggs, Bradley. 2011. Advisor: Dr. Michaela Buenemann.
  • Glaze, Susanna H. 2010. Advisor: Dr. Chris Brown.
  • Ayarbe, Elizabeth. 2010. Advisor: Dr. Chris Brown.
  • Molinar, Marcos. 2009. Documenting Business Requirements: A Bureau of Land Management Field Office Approach. Advisor: Dr. Mike DeMers.
  • Garber, Kim. 2002. The Dona Ana County, New Mexico South Valley Transportation and Major Thoroughfare Study.
  • Christenson, David. 2000. Precision Farming and the Use of Aerial Infrared Photography.
  • Gerard, Darren V. 1998. A Guide to Forming Euclidean Zoning Districts in Doña Ana County, New Mexico.
  • Elverum, Kelly. 1997. Development of a Generalized Zoning Map & GIS Manual for El Paso, Texas.
  • Nolen, Barbara A. 1991. Environmental Classification and Thermal Modeling Properties of the MIDAS-ATLAS Study Area, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.
  • Garner, William P. 1989. A Passenger Demand Model for Nonhub Airports in New Mexico.