Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geography


Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geography may concentrate on either Human-Environment Relationships (HER) or Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T). Both concentrations share certain core courses like Geography of the Natural Environment (GEOG 111G), World Regional Geography (GEOG 112G), Culture and Environment (GEOG 120G), Map Use (GEOG 281), Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 381), and Aerial Photo Interpretation (GEOG 382).

In addition, students in both concentrations take upper-division courses in human geography, physical geography, and regional geography. However, once the core courses are completed, students in the HER concentration focus on the analysis and interpretation of the coupled and complex interactions between people and the environment while students in the GIS&T concentration focus on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in geographic information systems and remote sensing.

For example, HER students take courses such as Landscape Ecology and Southwestern Environments while GIS&T students take courses such as GIS Applications and Modeling and Advanced Remote Sensing.

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