Department Facilities

We have a number of facilities to support our teaching, research, service, and outreach activities, including a computer research lab, a field research lab, a computing lab, a classroom, a conference room, and of course faculty, staff, and teaching assistant offices.

Facilities and Locations
Facility Location
Geography Main Office Breland Hall 137
Geography Faculty Offices Breland Hall 139: Dr. Michaela Buenemann
Breland Hall 141: Dr. Michael DeMers
Breland Hall 143: Dr. Carol Campbell
Breland Hall 145: Dr. Eric Magrane
Breland Hall 146: Dr. Robert Czerniak
Breland Hall 148: Dr. Daniel Dugas
Breland Hall 149: Dr. Christopher Brown
Geography TA Offices Breland Hall 140, 142, 144
Geography Classroom Breland Hall 185
Geography Computing Lab Breland Hall 192 (Lab Hours)
Geography Conference Room Breland Hall 194
Geography Field Lab Breland Hall 184
Spatial Applications Research Center (SpARC) Breland Hall 178