Department Facilities

We have a number of facilities to support our teaching, research, service, and outreach activities, including a computer research lab, a field research lab, a computing lab, a classroom, a conference room, and of course faculty, staff, and teaching assistant offices.

Facilities and Locations
Facility Location
Geography Main Office Breland Hall 137
Geography Faculty Offices Breland Hall 139: Dr. Michaela Buenemann
Breland Hall 141: Dr. Chao Fan
Breland Hall 143: Dr. Carol Campbell
Breland Hall 145: Dr. Eric Magrane
Breland Hall 148: Dr. Daniel Dugas
Breland Hall 149: Dr. Christopher Brown
Geography TA Offices Breland Hall 140, 142, 144
Geography Classroom Breland Hall 185
Geography Computing Lab Breland Hall 192 ( Lab Hours)
Geography Conference Room Breland Hall 194
Geography Field Lab Breland Hall 184
Spatial Applications Research Center (SpARC) Breland Hall 178