Degree Requirements

General Information

We offer two routes for earning a master’s degree; in addition, we offer one graduate minor. Students may earn a Master of Applied Geography (MAG) using the Thesis Option (i.e., the traditional route), which entails the completion of coursework and the writing and defense of a master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is a piece of original scholarship developed under the direction of an advisor and typically two thesis committee members.

Students may also earn a Master of Applied Geography (MAG) using the Residency Option (i.e., the alternative route), which entails the completion of coursework, the writing of a residency report, and the passing of a final exam. The residency report is a document developed during an internship or residency under the direction of a field supervisor at an agency or firm.

Finally, the Graduate Minor in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T) is designed for non-geography graduate students who are interested in supplementing their primary degree program with substantial expertise in geospatial sciences and technologies.

For more information concerning these degree paths as well as for guidelines regarding graduate study in the our program, please see the Geography and Environmental Studies Graduate Handbook (PDF).


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