We are passionate about innovative, student-centered, and applied research and education for undergraduate and graduate students that inspires us all to help develop sustainable solutions for our planet.

Department of Geography Statement on Social Justice

Addressing current and potential future societal and environmental challenges requires approaches that integrate human, natural, and information sciences rather than approaches that apply each individually. Geography is all about developing and using such integrative approaches to make the world a better place. Learn what geography is and what you can do with it.

NMSU Geography

Undergraduate Program

We seek to enable undergraduate students to be responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and professional geographers with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that make them competitive in both graduate programs and the job market.


To this end, we offer a comprehensive academic undergraduate program that leads the following degrees:

NMSU Geography

Graduate Program

Our graduate program emphasizes specialized, independent, and applied scholarship built on a solid foundation of general geographic knowledge and skills.

That is, we provide students with opportunities to acquire essential geographic knowledge and skills through a variety of graduate and advanced undergraduate courses and, subsequently, support students to carry out their own research in collaboration with a faculty advisor and an advisory committee composed of other faculty members and/or professionals from the private or public sectors.


We offer the following graduate degrees:

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