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Explore GEOGRAPHY as a career! It is a great field with tremendous job potential.




We are pleased to continue the joint Fall 2020 NMSU-UNM Virtual Colloquium Series. Join us for these interesting talks! 

Up Next: "Active Water Resource Management: pariah or blueprint for western watershed mamagement?" Michael Pease, Department of Geography, Central Washington University. 11/20, 3-4 pm.

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Studio_dividers_line-dot_dark-crimson.png just published a conversation between Craig Santos Perez and DR. ERIC MAGRANE titled "Inscriptions of Power Upon the Land: Craig Santos Perez and Eric Magrane in Conversation":


Periodically each semester, Geography graduate students present an oral defense of their work. Please join us for these exciting events! 


We at the NMSU Geography Department are passionate about innovative, student-centered, and applied research and education for undergraduate and graduate students that inspires us all to help develop sustainable solutions for our planet.

Department of Geography Statement on Social Justice

Addressing current and potential future societal and environmental challenges requires approaches that integrate human, natural, and information sciences rather than approaches that apply each individually. Geography is all about developing and using such integrative approaches to make the world a better place. Learn what geography is and what you can do with it.Studio_dividers_line-dot_dark-crimson.png